Sheet Metal Fabrication

Sheet Metal Fabricator

Our sheet metal shop can provide layout and construction of a variety of ducting, piping, and fittings using manual or computer-generated patterns. We can fabricate many items for the industrial sector such as guards, chutes, housings, heavy-gage piping and fittings, dampers and blast gates, covers, and ductwork.
Fabrication materials include galvanized sheet metal, black iron, copper, stainless steel, coke tin, aluminum, and diamond mesh. Our expert sheet metal fabrication services have been used to help a number of industrial customers in the area on a number of different products. 

Product Expertise 

Being an expert sheet metal fabricator means we have worked with a number of different industrial products over the years, helping to build them or repair them. We have worked on products of all sizes for customers big and small. All fabrication work has included air ducts, gutters, kitchen hoods, trucks, airplanes, tanks, mailboxes, chicken coops, downspouts, coolers, shelving, utensils, turbines, grills, smoke pipes, and much more. 

If your industrial business needs an expert sheet metal fabricator, look no further than A & B Heating & Sheet Metal Co. Inc. There’s no limit to the work we can do on your products. Make sure you have a trusted source on your side for quality fabrication services. 
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